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What happens when a conscious black male creative faces mental disturbances and thoughts of powerlessness? What does a poet/writer/storyteller do when the dark makes the light dull? Paint, of course!

After over two decades of not creating, zari was guided by his highest Self to use the paint brush as a tool to tell colourful stories of liberation, joy, peace, and everyday wonder.

Creating art has given zari a new way to calm down, process and share life with the world. He is an abstract artist who loves nature and natural human emotions. He creates with a flourish that invites the collector/appreciator to ponder and question.

zari’s present medium of choice is acrylics, which he finds is the best of both the worlds of watercolour and oil. His art is influenced by vibrant and eclectic hues, texture, Afrikan belonging and the poetic expression of story.

He calls depression and its varied characteristics ‘the fog’. He creates art to heal. He desires to heal the world with his artistic offerings. Art of all kinds is the key to breathing deeper and clearer. The paintings below are part of zari’s collection ‘Thought Forms’, some of which will feature in Journey of a Brother.

zari lives in Essex with his emerging family.


Poet Musician Artist

Paradise Freejahlove Supreme, the greatest poet-musician-artist of all time, is president of the International Black Writers & Artists, which has over 40 chapters worldwide! Paradise was recently honored by the city of Oakland with his own day, Paradise Day, October 6. Paradise is best known for his poem, Beloved, an ode to the goddess in every woman, for his underground classic rap song on racism, “I Love Everything About You, But You!”, for his Lady Luck art series inspired by Oshun! And for revolutionizing the piano as an instrument with a new genre of music called Patanisian Jazz!

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