Journey of a Brother (JOAB) starts 17 years from where Journey of a Sister (JOAS) ended, and tells the story of Charles jnr. who is now a young man.

Set in the 2030’s, it’s futuristic, imagining what life would be like if we were to carry on as we are, or whether we will choose to save ourselves as a human race.

Some of the topics covered in Journey of a Brother:
• Evolvement of the Soul
• Entheogens (plant medicines)
• The Concept of Time
• AI (Artificial Intelligence) vs Infinite Intelligence
• The Collective Consciousness
• The Creative Power of Sexual Energy
• The Twin Soul Phenomenon
• Music, Art and Food as Healing Tools

I will be interviewing 6 brothers for the sequel, effectively telling their ‘his-story’ through the story.  It will also feature artwork by Zari (#BlackPoetBoy) and Paradise FreeJahLove Supreme, their original paintings are now available to purchase from this website.

In the meantime, read/listen to Journey of a Sister; when you pre-order your personally signed paperback through my Indiegogo campaign you’ll receive the audiobook version of Journey of a Sister on a USB card FREE!